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It is our mission in life to help all of you creative audiovisual producers out there find the perfect music for your productions – fast and easy. And that’s why we are constantly updating our PLAYLISTS with new content from all of our wonderful labels from around the world. So in a nutshell, our PLAYLISTS can definitely be seen, or better yet heard, as a „Best Of“ DNA MUSIK Repertoire. Believe me, we are really investing a lot of time and ears in this ongoing labor of love in finding all of those Top Tracks for you. But that’s not all! We’ve taken this a step further and have created PLAYLIST CATEGORIES such as MUSIC GENRES, COUNTRIES & REGIONS, MOODS, TRAILER BEDS, SEASONS, HOLIDAYS & EVENTS, PEOPLE & FEELINGS, TV TOPICS, ELEMENTS, INSTRUMENTS, DANCE, SONGS and CLASSICAL. So now, when you choose one of the many PLAYLIST CATEGORIES, the window will open and you will find all music relating to this particular subject. And that’s still not all! We’ve also created some NEW PLAYLISTS. You’ve been searching for music for a particular project that requires some ALTERNATIVE ROCK, ANGER & AGGRESSION, BRIT POP, DUBSTEP, DRUM AND BASS, EDM, ELECTRO, GRUNGE, HARD ROCK, HIP HOP & URBAN, HOUSE, INDIE ROCK, LOVE & ROMANCE, NIGHT TIME, POP PARTY, PUNK, SYNTHPOP, TECHNO & TRANCE or WIND & AIR? Well, look no further, we’ve got you covered in all of those areas. Check them out HERE.

We’ve also worked on our SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS and would like to invite you today to check us out. We’re on Facebook and Twitter and we post whatever we feel are over the top excellent and worth paying attention to references and compositions from the DNA MUSIK vault of musical treasures.

So, how about it? LIKE us!

And if you would like a couple of our labels packed into a nutshell, we’ve got fully loaded PITCH HAMMER and MINDS AND MUSIC USB sticks to go. Just give us a call at +49 8243-99322-0 or send us an E-Mail at info@dna-musik.com in order to receive a stick free of charge.

We always enjoy hearing from you.

Yours Truly,

Anet & The DNA MUSIK Soundcrew