New Website & Playlist USB Stick
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New Website & Playlist USB Stick

New Website & Playlist USB Stick

We’re psyched to have finally finished our new website, and have been live and online for just a few days. We’re very proud of our new look, and we hope that you are impressed, as well. It was time for change, and the creativity just poured out of us, so we’ve given ourselves a complete facelift. The old logo has retired, and our new one is very DNA.

We also found it high time to present you with more amazing PLAYLISTS, and under COMPANY you can get a picture of who’s behind the scene. Yep, that’s us! Back to the PLAYLISTS: we’ve made really cool and practical USB sticks (see photos), in which you’ll find all the DNA PLAYISTS! An incredible 8 GB of hand-selected music, which musically and thematically fits the most-wanted themes in today’s media. Give us a call now at +49 8243-99322-0 or send us an email to info@dna-musik to get your personal complimentary copy delivered right away.

And another quick note: Julius and I were in Las Vegas last week at NAB, where we met with some of the superstars of production music, like IN-SPIRED, PITCH HAMMER, THE LICENSE LAB, STEREO ROYAL, DOS BRAINS (behind the labels HEAVY MELODY TRAILERS, SILVER SCREEN & THIRD RAIL), and even a reunion with our good old pal X-RAY DOG.

Let us know how you like our relaunch and if you’re interested in a complimentary DNA USB stick. We always like to hear from you.

Kind regards,
Annette Mainka