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Dear DNA MUSIK Friends!

We don’t know about you, but time seems to be speeding up here at DNA MUSIK. Our Halloween pumpkins are still grinning at us from the window ledge, and all of a sudden, Christmas is upon us, with full force. And somehow, we get the feeling that we’re not the only ones experiencing this phenomenon. Your last TV production may have just aired yesterday and the new projects on your desk are piling up and not going away. That’s why we thought that finding the perfect track for your production needs to be as easy as possible and we created many new PLAYLISTS. The images above merely signify a few of our new music genres and useful subjects such as ACOUSTIC & ORGANICARABIC & MIDDLE EASTBRIT POP & INDIECHILLDEATHEASY LISTENINGMODERN ELECTRONICA DNB + HOUSETANGO and TRAILER – ORCHESTRAL HYBRID.

To listen to more PLAYLISTS, just click HERE. And if you’re day is spiralling out of control and you need help right away, we are more than happy to assist you with music research. Just send us an e-mail with your inquiry at or talk to us by dialing our number +49-8243-99322-0. We are sure that we’ll find the perfect track for your production.

We always look forward to hearing from you.

All our best,