Production Music - DNA Musik
Production music für den Bereich Werbung, TV, Film, Imageclips. Titel und Lizenz für die verschiedensten Musikrichtungen bei DNA Musik.
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DNA MUSIK GmbH offers an expansive, modern music repertoire with titles which are part of its production music library. Production music – also known as library music – is specifically written for synchronization in audio and audiovisual productions.

Our impressive collection of music covers a wide range of musical genres. The compositions are written by highly talented composers. The emotionally expressive tracks are used in a wide range of productions, from radio to film, including movies and TV series, documentaries, industrial and imagefilms, as well as advertising. In TV magazine and reality shows, news on public and private stations, as background for animations, web or TV trailers, in social media and viral videos, in multimedia, games, and POS films, as well as in publishing and commercials.

Our versatile, modern music library encompasses a wide range of music styles and directions, such as minimalism, arthouse, noir, symphonic, orchestral, percussive, hybrid, choral, vocal and ambient. Of course, we offer all mainstream musical genres like rock, pop, dance, metal, country, jazz, hip hop, dubstep and classical. Most tracks have additional cutdowns and underscores available online, and stems are available upon request. The synchronization rights to use a piece of music from our repertoire can be licensed by DNA MUSIK (non-exclusively) for the specified production.
DNA MUSIK, with its home office right alongside the Romantic Road in Fuchstal, Germany represents many world-renowned music publishers. We can really offer every conceivable music style, with a quality and spectrum that is at the top of the charts.
If you are looking for production music for your project, we’ll gladly provide you a PLAYLIST of thematically suitable tracks. Our entire repertoire is available to search and play online, and registered clients can download tracks, entire albums or PLAYLISTS in a variety of formats. We also provide USB sticks and harddrives at no cost, whatever is needed. If you are in need of a specific music research or have any questions regarding licensing or online registration, or just want to talk music, feel free to contact us.
Media Production

DNA MUSIK offers a broad spectrum of music styles, produced with the most modern equipment and utilising state-of-the-art production techniques. Whether you are spiffing up a radio jingle with some cool indie rock, or underscoring a TV documentary with a classically inspired composition, our repertoire can enhance any production.

Music Archive

Our music archive encompasses a vast amount of titles specifically produced for production music. Within our DNA DOWNLOAD Portal, you can search through all of our titles and labels to find the track or tracks that you need. Our music database is updated regularily with new productions, so that you are continuously being offered the most current musical trends. Use our “Quicksearch” function to find specific music styles, moods, instruments, titles or composers.

Music Licensing

Our music is strictly for professional use and is not copyright, buy-out, or royalty-free. Music isn’t written by machines. Real people spend their time and talent creatively writing music to enhance productions. We think that they, and the music publishers they work with, deserve to be paid a fair price for their expertise and the financial investment made into providing quality music. We also believe it is ethical for our composers to be properly compensated which is why we share all mechanical, synchronization and performance income we receive with them. Other sources of music may be available at a lower cost but do not adhere to these principles and arguably exploit writers and devalue music. Our music is precleared for all media, in perpetuity and is available to license through us directly.