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DNA MUSIK Proudly Presents Pandemic Productions

DNA MUSIK Proudly Presents Pandemic Productions

Dear DNA MUSIK Friends!

Many of our DNA composers have spent the summer isolating themselves in their studios and producing some really fine music, despite the challenges of lockdowns and production stops.

Now, as the summer turns to fall, as the leaves change and the nights get longer, our team is proud to present some selected musical highlights for your listening pleasure:

And for the trailer producers who are creating promos for the upcoming winter months, we have a great selection of new material.

Our friends at Dos Brains introduced the trailer tool package VOLT with 6 albums, a part of their THIRD RAIL series, consisting of ImpactsPower DownsAmbient ImpactsHorror ToolsHybrid Tools and Warfare. You can also find them in our Trailer Editor Professional Tool Kit Collection HERE:

More trailer highlights: many of our labels have some great reworking of classical themes incorporated into their productions:

Some of these you may have seen or heard, or you can find them in our reference list HERE, which includes recent trailers for Parasite, 1917, Joker, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Run, Berlin Alexanderplatz, Doctor Sleep and The Gentlemen.

We have a beautiful playlist filled with seasonal Autumn / Fall compositions, which you’ll find HERE.

And of course, don’t miss the DNA freaky and ghoulish Halloween playlist HERE.

Stay safe and healthy, all the best from